Core Values

We strive to bring the highest quality product to our clients within your budget. We achieve this by creatively designing solutions with simple components. Over-designing a space with a lot of details detracts from the beauty of the concept. Instead, we strive to emphasize the essence of the design.


We have an active regard for the standard of our services. We strive to be upfront and true to our clients in all of our actions and services. Our internal system of checks and balances allows us to test this core value against everything all that we do.


We have a firm adherence to the code of moral and artistic values. We have an obligation to educate our clients on the value of our services and profession. We also must uphold the architecture and development profession to its highest standards and continually push the envelope on creative design and construction techniques.


Breaking down the design to its basic core components allows us to produce desired effects without wasting energy and materials. This not only applies to our end product, but also to our client services and internal workflow. We have embraced all forms of technology to aid in achieving this goal.

Withnell House