Bernard Whittington

President and CEO

Bernard Whittington earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from the University of Indiana. He also had the great fortune of having a successful career in the NFL playing for the Indianapolis Colts and, most recently, the Cincinnati Bengals. Bernard is currently retired from the NFL and has devoted all of his time to developing business models and overall management of daily business activities. Bernard also devotes time to the development of critical business partnerships that promote a quality X3 product.

Kevin Logan

Creative Designer

Kevin Logan earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Kansas. He spent his first 10 years at Kennedy Associates, Inc. and TeamFour Architects designing several housing, commercial, retail, daycare, and educational facilities throughout the St. Louis and Dallas metro areas. Kevin now devotes his efforts to developing urban redevelopment concepts, renovation innovations producin construction documentation. Kevin also manages all design consultants and company graphic design materials.